Sunday, May 10, 2009

Relatively Unscathed

Well I got through Mother's Day realtively unscathed.
Stuart and I spent the day in the garden, he thoroughly enjoyed digging in the sand and I planted some cheery pansies to welcome me at my door.
My Mom came over in the afternoon, we had agreed that we would not make a big thing of the day but I did want to acknowledge her and so we had decided to just do a tea.

After she had left and I was making Stuart's dinner I started to cry, Stuart has been having a particular difficult time at the moment regarding Duncan and I was trying not to let him see me. He came into the kitchen and walked up behind me and put his little arms around me and said "Turn around Mama" which I did.

I knelt down and he held me and patted my back, then looked at my face intensely and kissed me several times before holding me again much as a parent would comfort a child. "Don't worry Mama, don't worry". Later he came in to check on me again and asked "Are you not so sad anymore?" and I could answer honestly "I love you so much, you can only make me happy".

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  1. Colleen,
    I'm glad to hear that the day went ok for you. We had similar days in that it was low key with the focus on my children and tears at the end of the day grieving for how life has changed. I'm dreading Father's Day, as Austin's absence will the big gaping hole in the day but I don't want to ignore it either as he was a great Dad and deserves to be honoured. Any suggestions?