Monday, April 13, 2009

Love is Forever

In the hospital they slipped Duncan's wedding ring onto my hand and I now always wear it, because it is too big I have it on my right hand behind my eternity ring. Oddly enough it looks like a set, inside it "Forever" is inscribed with the date of our wedding day...tomorrow 14 April. Forever - constant, infinite.

Time heals, but I don't know. Will I ever get over you?
Time will take away the pain
Make me whole again, make me feel?
Will I ever get over you? Believe I can, if I don't hear your voice
see your face, touch your things,
I feel strong, but then memories wash down like warm tide.

The bare facts stand so raw and bright. My imagination keeps you by my side
Just one look, just one smile, your glinting charm disarms me
and my arms open wide.
How cold is this conclusion when the beginning was so warm.

Will I ever get over you? Free of wanting only you, start a new life?
Attempt a brave new world,rise from the fall.
When all things are said and done, now you're gone I have to carry on
It's a shame how things work out and it's a shame how things go wrong.


  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts through your blog. My husband died 26 days ago and I can relate to so much that you've said. He also died suddenly of a heart attack and we have two boys. My heart breaks for you - it isn't fair that our loving, wonderful husbands are gone. Through reading your blog I realize I'm not alone in many of my feelings. Thank you.

  2. I've decided that grief is not something you get over. It is like a heavy backpack suddenly thrust upon you. At first, it is almost unbearable to carry it. You worry that you may fail and not contain the strength to hold it up. But even on the ground, the backpack is still strapped to your back. Slowly, you realize that you can carry's hard, but you do it. You stumble but you carry it. The backpack never gets lighter, but you get stronger. You get used to carrying it and one day, it isn't as hard to stand up straight with this thing on your back.